Our Tribe

Essential_Oils-52Isn’t life fun to explore, experience and learn from? When you have had an a-ha moment aren’t you eager to share it with your friends?

We are a family who loves to share our new interests and passions with everyone we know. profile pic ryan familyWe love to create, to chat, to tell stories and reach out to help others. We thought it would be fun to find a creative outlet to share all of those things we essentially love: recipes, meal plans, DIY projects, fitness, ideas for healthy living, natural solutions for health care while possibly making some new friends along the way.

There are three in our tribe that will regularly be contributing to this site. At some point we may even get the other 3 in the tribe to be guest posters, they are uber creative too!

arusha girlsThere is no way you can spend any amount of time with us, talking about our family and not hear about these two precious girls. These are our daughters who live in Tanzania. We first met them when they were 4 & 5 years old. Irene (left) and Tumaini (right). Now they are reaching secondary school age. How does time slip by so quickly?

Are they not just B E A U T I F U L ?