Karibu {Welcome}

essentially loved tribe laughter 8 high

This pretty much says it all. We like to laugh and take GREAT JOY in making others laugh along with us. 

We go deeper as well. Collectively we have deep, deep love for many things, including: family time, friends, Africa and essential oils (to name a few). These things just bubble up naturally in about everything we do. And then there are the many talents and gifts that make each one of us unique. This is where we are praying each person who visits us will find something that resonates deep within them. 


We are three girls, from one family, with very different stories. We have each experienced our own struggles, joys and victories. We belong to one tribe but have taken many different paths that are waiting to be revealed…right here. 

It is our hope that you will find this space as comfy as your favorite chair. A place where you can’t wait for your next chance to snuggle on in for a spell to find a nugget of hope, a fresh wind of encouragement and some energizing inspiration, with hysterical fits of laughter sprinkled along the way. 

It would also mean the world to us if we could make new friends along the way. We want this to be an interactive REAL place where lasting relationships and trust are built! So if you would like to share your thoughts, or ask some questions along the way – well, we would love to hear it!