Kimberly – the Mom


BEING MOM- Being Mom is my favorite. I love that I am not only Mom to those in my immediate tribe but my children reach all the way around the world. When someone calls me Mom or Mama, my heart swells. So you can imagine how full my heart feels when one of my kids friends will walk through the door and say “Hi Mom!” Or when we are in Africa and someone looks in my eyes and follows it with a hug and a “Jambo Mama”. We Mamas are kindred spirits, we get it don’t we. To love as a Mama is to love with your entire being. 


BEING REAL- I also pride myself in providing a space where people can feel loved, accepted and relaxed, even with all their junk heaped on their shoulders….ESPECIALLY with all their junk heaped on their shoulders. You see, I have been a JUNK collector over the years and the burden of my life choices have been very heavy at times.

BEING LOVED- When I have the time to sit down with a new friend and share my story, or pockets of it, the jaws often drop… or they try not to look shocked. My story is a BIG part of who I am though – and being real plays an equal role. I may not be proud of everywhere my choices have taken me, but I am REALLY proud of the journey out of the pit. God is faithful, and true, and loving  and…. I could go on and on. He is the warrior that fought for my heart and he WON! 

It is out of those journeys that I have found a passion to share my heart and my life with the world. If there is anything of value in my story, it has value because it may encourage someone else in the name of HOPE.