This is THE BEST Glass Cleaner you will ever use. It is so simple to whip up. There is no streaking either. SERIOUSLY!  Generic Spotless Glass Cleaner

I love that this glass cleaner recipe has the health benefits of essential oils in it too! We know lemon essential oil is a terrific cleaner and grease buster, it also is uplifting to the mood. Is this not a brilliant combination? If you are a grumbling house cleaner this is the recipe for you! A couple of sprays and you will be whistling a happy tune. Yep, get your shine on! 

Try this easy peasy recipe that leaves a superior sparkling shine on your windows, mirrors and glass products! You’ll love it! If you need more info on essential oils and where to buy them shoot us a message! We have some terrific resources for you! 

This Spotless Glass Cleaner is stamped “essentially loved”.